Mission Statement

Northeastern Air Quality, Inc. is committed to 100% customer and client satisfaction. Demonstrating and documenting HVAC system performance to meet or exceed design requirements, is a team effort.   Working with the engineer, supplier, installer and building owner/manager is the most effective method for maximizing building performance. Together, identifying challenges and solutions through patience and persistence is the only acceptable building solution. 


NEBB Certified Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Northeastern Air Quality, Inc performs tests to determine quantitative performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

Northeastern Air Quality, Inc. adjusts fluid flow rates at fans, pumps, and other regulators to achieve system and terminal device compliance with design parameters. 

Northeastern Air Quality, Inc. documents the results for accurate record of system performance for use when changes in design or function of the systems is necessary.

Air Leakage Testing

Northeastern Air Quality, Inc. provides certified duct leakage testing for all commercial and residential duct systems.  Whether you are required to comply based on leakage area/square foot of duct surface area or based on square feet of living space for residential applications, we can assist in documenting and sealing ductwork to maximize performance. 

For single-family residential and multi family low rise buildings, Northeastern Air Quality, Inc. provides blower door testing services.  Staff have been providing blower door tests since 1989! 

Northeastern Air Quality, Inc. provides “Black Iron” water-tight, welding inspection for commercial kitchen exhaust systems when required by local code officials.

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